Our People

We are blessed with a close-knit team of committed employees who literally leave no stone unturned to ensure that our clients receive the best level of service every single time. We believe strongly in leading by example and hope to inspire each of our clients to excellence with every engagement.

JM Group Head Office

Johan Mostert– Chief Executive Officer

As a Civil Engineer with many years’ experience across a diverse range of disciplines including dam design as well as bridge design, Johan enjoys the challenge of creating something new and the satisfaction of seeing a project through to its successful conclusion.

Johan believes that a flourishing enterprise should be built on precision, structure, professionalism and discipline and these are the attributes that he brings to every undertaking.

Being committed to making a positive difference in people’s lives and recognising that employees are a company’s most valuable asset, Johan has ensured the upliftment and advancement of all who work at JM Group by insisting on thorough training for all employees.

It is important to Johan to live life to the fullest while always upholding solid family and Christian values. He is completely committed to living up to the company motto ‘Quality with Integrity in Harmony’.

Leon de Beer – Manager

Leon’s job is to ensure that Boland Toilet Services is run profitably and that everyone works within optimal safety rules and regulations. He works closely with employees at all levels as well as with clients.

Acutely aware of the importance of people in any business, Leon has developed a solid relationship built on trust and respect within the group and ensures that all employees are fairly treated at all times. Leon loves diversity so enjoys his involvement with the various sectors of the JM Group, as the challenges he is faced with keep him on his toes.

In line with his firm Christian principles, Leon is committed to always giving his utmost to remain a solid asset to the company in his approach to all aspects of his job and most importantly, his interaction with people.

Winnie van der Westhuizen – Human Resources Officer

Winnie joined the JM Group in February 2015 and her dynamic personality and innovative ideas have made a significant impact during this time.

She wanted to make a really meaningful difference in people’s lives and felt that a smaller, more people friendly platform where she would have one-on-one interaction with employees, guiding and developing them so that they can reach their full potential, would not only be more personally rewarding but more importantly, would positively benefit the business as well.

Winnie’s energetic yet friendly and easy going manner have ensured her popularity with everyone she deals with, making her an invaluable asset to both employer and employees.

Gloudette Spamer – JM Group Manager: Finance

Gloudette manages all accounting and financial matters for the entire JM Group – including each of our divisions – Boland Toilet Services, Rent a Container, Ceres Gas and Welding, Talisman Tool Hire and @Function.

A qualified Chartered Accountant, Gloudette, in short, absolutely loves numbers! She thrives on managing all financial aspects of a company in a way that takes the organisation forward. Her solid knowledge and experience in the construction and tool hire industry, makes Gloudette a genuine asset to our team.

Gloudette is very much a family orientated person who believes in work-life balance, and she particularly enjoys working at JM Group because of the family orientated atmosphere in our company.

With attention to detail and maintaining a high standard of financial management, Gloudette hopes to help JM Group grow to even greater heights.

Boland Toilet Services

Rosalie Pienaar – Marketing and Sales Manager

Rosalie manages the entire call centre operation and actively assists her team to deliver a truly outstanding, personalised service to customers.

She loves surmounting the challenges that her role presents to her every day and is a stickler for making sure that every customer order is delivered perfectly and on time, every time. Rosalie is a bubbly, positive person with an infectious ‘can-do’ attitude.

Having been with the company for 8 years, she has seen JM Group grow from strength to strength and she is excited about seeing the company develop into a recognised, nationwide brand.

Zenobia Geldenhuys – Marketing and Sales

Zenobia assists Rosalie in the running of the call centre and assisting clients, with a key focus on marketing and sales.

As a friendly and approachable, she is looking forward to making the best of her career with JM Group, and contributing to the success of the company.

Elizna le Roux – Senior Financial Klerk

Elizna oversees all matters relating to payments, recons and finances in general for Boland Toilet Services.

She has been with the JM Group for over 7 years and absolutely loves the people that she works with who, to her, are like an extended family.

As an ambitious, helpful and diligent person, Elizna looks forward to being a part of the growth of the JM Group in which she sees Boland Toilet Services, becoming one of the biggest service providers in the Western Cape.

Nicol Krotz–Service Team Leader

Nicol is our trusted driver at Boland Toilet Services and has been with the JM Group for 9 years. He thoroughly enjoys his role which enables him to travel and see many locations in the Western Cape.

Nicol loves being part of the young, loyal and vibrant team at BTS and is committed to assisting the company to provide an outstanding service to clients.

He hopes that his positive attitude will help to ensure that customers choose BTS as their preferred supplier because of the positive attitude and great service provided by him and his team.

Francois Aylward– Workshop Mechanic

Francois oversees all mechanical repairs to our ablutions units and transport at Boland Toilet Services, as well as the repair and maintenance of any ablutions units on site at our clients premises. He has been with the group for 6 years and loves the fact that every day at the company is unique and presents new challenges.

He is driven by keeping his clients happy through finding the right solutions to problems first time every time, while ensuring that repairs are done to the best quality standards.

He believes that JM Group will expand to become the best hiring and repairs company in the Witzenberg district and he looks forward to being an integral part of that growth.

Clinton Davids – Events Manager

Clinton takes care of all the events that the divisions of JM Group serve, ensuring that every detail of our service to customers, is delivered to perfection.

Although he started off as a truck driver with the JM Group 11 years ago, Clinton loves variety and keeping busy, which is why his highly active position in JM Group suits him so well.

Clinton’s driving force is ensuring that through making a success of his work, he is able to ensure a better future for his children. He is dedicated to ensuring that he continues to make a success of his career with the company and accordingly, his colleagues have described him as ‘a winner’.


Marianna Meintjies– Office Manager

Marianna manages the full function of Rent a Container including deliveries, finances and personnel. Known throughout the JM Group as a ‘oulike behulpsame tannie’ (sweet helpful Aunty), Marianna is a friendly, hardworking lady who is highly efficient when it comes to ensuring that everything and everyone works together seamlessly.

She has been with the group for over 5 years and loves her team who she describes as being open, trusting and committed to delivering the quality of service that will ensure the ongoing growth of the group.

Talisman Hire – Ceres and Durbanville

JP Nortje – Manager

JP ensures that everything in both the retail and hiring divisions at Ceres Plant Hire runs smoothly.

Francois Pienaar – Senior Salesman

Francois assists clients in selecting the right machinery in both the retail and hiring divisions at Ceres Plant Hire.

Although as an experienced farmer himself, Francois is able to provide practical solutions to the local community, he also enjoys the challenge of discovering new products that help fulfil more special requests.

He is a fun, though loyal person who is committed to excellence in his professional and personal life and wishes to see Ceres Plant Hire become the best hardware and hiring service in, first the Witzenberg region, and then the Western Cape.

Neville Gaba – Senior Salesman

Neville assists clients with all hiring of equipment as well as the purchase of hardware items from our retail division at Ceres Plant Hire.

He enjoys the challenge of discovering new products and services that will help his clients to achieve their objectives.

Neville has been with the company for 3 years and thoroughly enjoys the positive environment and his colleagues which help to make each day successful and enjoyable, and he looks forward to being a part of the JM Group which he believes will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Desroi Coaters – Service Desk and Sales Klerk

Desroi is the friendly voice you will most often hear when calling in to Ceres Plant Hire and he is responsible for assisting with customer service and enquiries, as well as to ensure that all stock in both the retail and hiring divisions is in good condition.

As a highly energetic, positive individual with an infectious sense of humour, Des (as he is more often referred to) loves working with his colleagues to provide an outstanding service to clients and enjoys sharing his passionate approach to life which he hopes will positively influence all around him and which will help the success of JM Group.

John Gogwana – Driver and Workshop Assistant

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John has been with the JM Group since 1999 and is our trusted driver. He is an outstanding employee and ensures that all deliveries are made to clients on time. John also assists with repairs and maintenance of machinery in our workshop.

Mike Ntlangwini– General Assistant

Mike has been an employee at the group for over 9 years and assists with a wide range of activities at Ceres Plant Hire. He is a dedicated, hard worker whose tasks include electrical work, repairs, general cleaning and loading.